Choosing a collector car is a good investment. Reditaliancars is there for clients who require a professional, concrete and reliable trader to handle purchase and sale as well as negotiations management, so that you can move risk-free and with customized solutions in the complex world of car collection.

Reditaliancars is an excellent showcase and for us, direct relationship with the client is foundational. Our cars can be viewed and, if necessary, during the negotiation phase we can also deliver photographic documentation. At the purchase phase, once the car has been identified, we put our technical knowledge to use in order to understand if it is indeed a good investment. On-road testing, checking for rust or previous accidents, verifying the vehicle’s registration documents and correspondence between the chassis number and the motor in order to make realistic and objective quotations for every individual car and consequently guarantee a safe, worry-free purchase for our clients. Our market experience has taught us to identify good buys and above all has made us realize how indispensable it is that at the end of the negotiations, our clients are guaranteed safe and reliable economic transactions. Because all too often, one discovers that he has found the wrong partner only half-way through the process and in many cases even after spending a substantial amount of money.

Reditaliancars is the ideal partner for the purchase and/or sale of your antique, classic or sports car because thanks to our competence and market presence, we are able to perform pre-purchase technical inspections to assess the status and importance of the vehicle, identify the type of restoration intervention necessary and support you in the choice of skilled, acknowledged specialists that you can entrust your vehicle to, guaranteeing a perfect execution of the interventions.